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Hearing is believing

In this website you can read a lot about the backgrounds and technics of the Crystal Sound- board. But in case of a piano or grand piano of course the sound is all that matters. You will only get convinced of the advantages of the Crystal Soundboard, if you hear it. Rightly so. To hear that sound with your own ears, please go and visit the inventor and developer in his studio in Monnickendam.

Walter Vleminckx

The pictures below have been taken on November 2nd 1996 in Monnickendam. The celebrated pianist Walter Vleminckx gave his first 'Masterglass' piano recital on the very first Crystal Soundboard concert grand piano.

cd Crystal Sound

cd Crystal Sound

November 1996, Monnickendam


For further information or a visit to Stemco, please contact Kees de Baat.